One day, I decided to make my own pictures and launch this website … Captive Culture was created on 2000, September 28 with two photo sets.

photo series 328-01 by Jerome Duplessis - picture for the blog page STORY @captiveculture

Someone I met suggested a girl, and we planned a session. The first time was average, but that’s how I began learning. Then, I worked hard to improve the quality of my photos and videos.

Sixteen years later, I had to close my website for commercial and medical reasons. Later, I started to bring back the best of my production on ilovefrenchgirls which felt like a rescue boat in the storm. After WordPress censored me, I decided to reactivate this domain name and repost my archives on captiveculture where I originally published this content.

I shot more than 450 photo series. I prefer to share my favorites because only a few sessions still meet my standards. While there are some nice things to watch, it’s difficult to showcase something you don’t like.

When I started posting on the internet, we had many limitations, such as disk space, bandwidth speed, and digital camera quality. Today, you can view beautiful pictures so easily that I don’t want to propose the old stuff.

Beyond photography, I also made several movies. In my view, one video is like the cherry on top : watching a girl in action helps capture her feelings about the situation. Like the photos, SD content has become outdated, but I will probably repost some scenes for the fans.

For me, Captive Culture is an adventure full of memories. I hope you will enjoy this world of french girls in strict bondage, female domination & slave training … glamour women in shiny latex, sexy lingerie, tight corset + high heels !