photo series 173-01 (focus on latex fetish)

the teacher loves latex fetish : she wears a beautiful skirt with this tight corset … perfect to train her student to become one lovely submissive !

photo series 173-01 by Jerome Duplessis - picture for the blog @captiveculture #latex #fetish

85 images starring Dana + Diva
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It’s time to bring back the exclusive content produced for Captive Culture on the original website … if you don’t know the story, I had to close my websites in 2016 and use to share these archives & memories. WordPress terminated my blog after seven years without any problem or warning before this act of censorship. Now that I can self-host like in the past, I decided to start a new blog to repost my pics and vids on CC.

Let’s begin with session 173-01, fully reposted in a single archive. You will get the pics & vids, including behind the scenes content that I previously added and commented on ILFG. I want to make it simple and complete by building one unique post for you. That’s why, I also included one black & white version + the initial release in SD quality before my second image editing. I introduced another format after several years of production to offer a better resolution for my members & remastered some sets like this one.

latex images commentary @ilovefrenchgirls

I guess you already know the classroom photo series … one of my favorites. Dana was the Mistress teaching obedience to a submissive student played by Diva. You can see a map on the wall behind, once used in french schools long ago. Dana looked amazing in this rubber corset : perfect shape but so tight that we had to release her waist before the end.

You should like the latex lingerie worn by Diva which was semi-transparent. We also love discipline and this young woman had to be spanked … Dana enjoyed smacking her lovely bum ! If our shooting was focused on power exchange and shiny latex, rope bondage was highly recommended to please the kinky schoolgirl. That day, she got tickled till exhaustion.

latex videos commentary @ilovefrenchgirls

In addition to the movies, I used to offer some short videos on Captive Culture. As you know, I started my websites in the beginning of this century, when we couldn’t share large files like we can nowadays. That’s the reason why many producers were posting one or several parts of a bondage session only. Like the cherry on a cake, those videos allowed our members to discover something more than the pictures taken during a session. We had to split the footage to make these files easy to download. Today, I included the videos captured while we were shooting the photo series 173-01. You will like to listen & watch Dana & Diva playing together !

latex session commentary @ilovefrenchgirls

You’ll receive 42 pics and 4 video files in the zip archive. Apologies for the SD videos; there are no better versions available. In video #1, Alain is taking pictures while Dana tickles Diva and I prepare my camcorder. I notice Diva’s reaction on my screen and mention Dana found a spot around her ear. Earlier, we talked about this during the session, so I left the room briefly and brought back a duster for Dana. You’ll enjoy Diva’s expression when this mischievous toy appears !

Videos #2 and #3 feature tickling action and conversation. Diva wants to tickle Dana as revenge, but the 27-year-old isn’t bothered. Later, Dana tells Diva she should be mad at me instead. Dana joked about being an innocent woman who tortured my models. It was so funny we laughed. I knew she enjoyed being dominant, especially with girls she didn’t like (a reference to another session with Bianca) but that’s another story.

In the last video, I demonstrate a better way to use the duster before releasing Diva from the ropes. We speak in French, but you’ll grasp the essence : how fun and cute the girls were during the session.

It was a long and successful shoot, especially meaningful for another girl who assisted. I agreed welcoming her for a week to showcase my work as a photographer. She seemed a bit lost exploring my universe focused on latex fetish and power exchange, especially as she’s Serena’s sister, who modeled for me occasionally during this period.

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You know almost everything about this session now ! Several years ago, before I shut down my websites, I sold some clothes to pay the bills : Mina bought this pink & black corset and always enjoyed it. Anything else ? Let me think … oh, I got it. We spent the whole afternoon shooting this photo set for Captive Culture and made a stop in the middle to capture more pics of the two girls for Dana’s website.

Later, I included these images in my photo series when I remastered it & released the premium version. That day, we found the best way to end the year 2004, which was full of great memories. This session was very good and that’s probably why so many people still like it nowadays. As usual, I hope you will appreciate these pics & vids : you can click on the download icon below, uncompress my zip file on your device before to enjoy your viewing. Please note you can also use the magnifying glass icon (top of this post) to browse this session online …

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by Jerome Duplessis


shot on 2004, December 29
published on Captive Culture

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